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In June of 2017, Drs. Lamesha C. Brown, Raven K. Cokley, and I created #FirstGenDocs - a virtual platform with a mission to affirm the experiences, amplify the voices, and celebrate the brilliance of first-generation doctoral students. At its inception, the founders were doctoral students at the University of Georgia seeking to build community for students who were the first in their family to pursue a doctorate. What began as a simple Twitter chat, grew into a grassroots movement of 12,000+ Twitter users with additional engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and via conferences and professional organizations. It is our goal to continue to produce scholarship on the experiences of first-generation doctoral students while convening and supporting this community of trailblazers. "We may be the first, but we won't be the last!"

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Brown, L. C., Wallace, J. K., & Cokley, R. K. (2021). A labor of love: The makings of @FirstGenDocs. Journal of First-Generation Student Success, 1(1), 49-56.

Wallace, J. K., Cokley, R. K., & Brown, L. C. (2020). This is soul work: A portrait of three Black first-gen docs. In J. Sablan & J. Van Galen (Eds.), Amplified voices, intersecting identities: First-generation PhDs navigating institutional power anthology (pp. 119–125). Brill Sense Publishing.

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